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Dependable White Skimcoat

White Skimcoat (25 lb.)

Features and Benefits:

• Cover virtually any surface (even walls)
• Mildewcide protected
• Rapid drying (even heat drying-no chemical cure)
• High strength
• Non alkaline—adhesive friendly
• Very dimensionally stable—no shrinkage
• Most economical coverage
• Highest quality
• Grit Free
• Consistency of material

$11.99 each
$11.20 each/pallet price

Dependable Skimcrete XL

Skimcrete XL (25 lb.)

Features and Benefits:

• Long working time
• Quick drying, regardless of thickness
• No additives or primers for most uses
• Featheredge to 5/8” thick – w/o aggregate
• Non staining
• Superior workability
• Better coverage
• Lowest alkalinity, adhesive friendly
• Creamy, grit-free application
• No dusting or cracking

$12.50 each
$11.99 each/pallet price

Dependable Skimcrete Latex Liquid

White Latex Liquid (1 gal.)

Features and Benefits:

• Outstanding adhesion to most substrates
• Mildewcide protection
• Outstanding flexural strength
• Effective additive w/ all DEPENDABLE powders

• Adhesive Residues
• Metal
• Porous or dusty surfaces (including Gypcrete®)
• Other difficult bonding application

• Concrete to concrete bonding
• Thinsets and grouts
• Certain exterior uses (protects from UV)

$15.99 each

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Amorim Sports Floor

Amorim Sports Floor - In Stock!

In Stock Recycled Rubber Flooring

• 9 mm - Interlocking Tiles
• 3’ x 3’ Tiles (8.4 sq.ft)
• 36” x 36” - 422-10% Blue/Gray Blend: $3.40/sq. ft
• 36” x 36” - 405F Solid Black: $3.03/sq. ft
• 36” x 36” - 423-10% Tan: $3.40/sq. ft

Custom length rolled goods, other colors & thicknesses available on a special order basis.

View Available Amorim Sports Floor Colors
View Amorim Sports Floor Specifications

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New Line of Mapei Products

MAPEI Planiseal MSP

Planiseal MSP

Moisture-Control Membrane, Adhesive Isolator, Sealer, pH Blocker and Primer

• Colored red to help ensure proper coverage

• Water-based formulation for ease of use, cleanup and storage

• Moisture protection up to 15 lbs. (6,80 kg) MVER and 99% RH

• Provides moisture control, adhesive encapsulation and a primer for self-leveling
compounds in one product

More info

MAPEI Planiprep MRS

Planiprep MRS

Moisture-Resistant, High Compressive-Strength Skim Coating Compound

• Easy mixing and smooth application characteristics

• Not affected by high moisture conditions

• Can be placed before HVAC systems or interior finishes are installed

• High compression strength for use in heavy traffic condition

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MAPEI Ultraplan Extreme 2

Ultraplan Extreme 2

Weather-Resistant, High-Compressive-Strength, Self-Leveling Underlayment
Moisture- and freeze/thaw-resistant when cured

• Can be placed before HVAC systems or interior finishes are installed

• High compressive strength for extreme durability during construction

• Reduces subfloor preparation time for floor-covering applications

More Info

MAPEI Ultrabond G15

Ultrabond G15

Ultrabond G15 is a fast-setting, two-part reactive epoxy adhesive with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), designed for the installation of rubber and vinyl flooring in high-moisture conditions.

• Low perm rating

• Fast-setting and easy to apply

• Unaffected by moisture

More info

MAPEI Planiprep SC

Planiprep SC

Planiprep SC is a high-performance, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced cement-based skimcoating and patching compound. Use Planiprep SC to skimcoat and smooth minor surface variations and defects on common substrates.

• Mixes to a smooth, easily applied consistency

• Creamy smooth texture trowels easily to create a defect-free surface.

• Provides a suitable surface for applying floor-covering adhesives over

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MAPEI Ultrabond Spray 360

Ultrabond Spray 360

Ultrabond Spray 360 is an aerosolized, water-based, high-performance acrylic adhesive designed for the installation of solid vinyl tile, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile (VCT) and vinyl plank.

• Excellent bond characteristics

• High moisture resistance for bond durability

• Extended coverage when compared with trowel-applied adhesives

More Info

Ultrabond Eco 810

Ultrabond Eco 810

Ultrabond ECO 810 provides quick drying times and an enhanced, aggressive tack for fast-track vinyl-backed carpet tile installations. Flooring can be installed into Ultrabond ECO 810 in its wet state for permanent bonding.

• Aggressive tack to hold carpet tile and berglass-reinforced vinyl sheet ooring in place during installation and use

• Permanent or releasable installation system applications

• Acrylic-based for superior plasticizer migration resistance

More Info

Aladdin Commercial Carpet

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Aladdin Commercial Carpet
Aladdin Commercial Carpet 2
Aladdin Commercial Carpet 3

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Merit Décor Luxury Vinyl Flooring by Lancaster

Available in both Fast Click, Fold-Down Locking System and Dry Back Glue Down.