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May 2018 Powernail Sale

Powernail Sale

10% off all Powernail tools and accessories.

Sale runs from May 7th - May 18th

Edgetek Metals by Futura

Futura Edgetek Metal Sale

Sale ends May 31st, 2018

Save up to 20% off on Carpet Metal Trims and up to 25% off The New Edgetek Ceramic Flooring Trims.

• Carpet Metal Trims
• Clampdown with Pins
• Insert Metal with Pins
• Insert Metal Pinless
• Flat Bar
• Stair Nosing
• Coving, Square and Bevel Caps
New Edgetek Trims

View Futura 2018 Catalog

MAPEI Specials for May 2018

Mapei Special – Ends May 31

Buy a pallet of Mapei products during the month of May and you’ll receive a Gift Card of your choice. Choose from Amazon, Walmart, Target or Best Buy.

Planipatch 25lb / Sale Price: $10.23
Pallet Qty: 100
Gift Card: $50

Planipatch 45lb  / Sale Price: $22.58
Pallet Qty: 42
Gift Card: $75

Eco-185 4G / Sale Price: $25.51
Pallet Qty: 48
Gift Card: $75

Eco-575 4G / Sale Price: $37.30
Pallet Qty: 48
Gift Card: $75

Eco-373 4G / Sale Price: $64.37
Pallet Qty: 48
Gift Card: $75

Gift card offer does not apply to tube orders. Sale ends May 31.

Ultrabond G-15-GA / Sale Price: $73.96
Eco-575 Tubes / Sale Price: $3.26      


Save the Date June 21st, 2018

W.J.G. Open House 2018

Meet Vendors:
• Royal Adhesives & Sealants
• Van Gelder, Inc.
• Gundlach DuoFast and Amorim
• Leggett & Platt
• Tego Systems Corp (Floor Dot)
• Tarkett/Johnsonite
• Traxx
• Bostik
• Mapei
• Proknee
• Mohawk
• Eddy 91 & Eddy Floor Scraper
• Powernail
• Crain Tools
• Dependable
• Lackmond

Beast Tile Saw Event

Beast Tile Saw

Starts at 3:00 PM
Lackmond Products Inc will be doing a Demonstration of their Beast Tile Saw.

HPS Schönox Event

Moisture in Slabs

Starts at 4:00 PM
HPS Schönox will be doing a Demonstration on Moisture in Slabs.

Traxxshield Demonstration

Traxxshield Demo

Starts at 5:00 PM
Traxx Corporation will be doing a Demonstration on TraxxShield100™.

Powernail Open House Raffle

Powernail Raffle

A chance to win a Powernail Model 54P Pneumatic Carpet Tacker.

ProKnee Raffle

ProKnee Raffle

Proknee just announced they will be raffling off 3 of their NEW Model AP16 all purpose knee pads at our Open House.

WJG Open House Crain Raffle

Crain Tools Raffle

A chance to win a Knee Kicker, Seam Iron and Seam Cutter curtesy of Crain Tools.

Now In Stock!

Taylor Dyanamic Adhesive
New DYNAMIC™ (Taylor 2098) Now In Stock
Transitional Pressure Sensitive® Adhesive for LVT/LVP, Fiberglass-Backed and Sheet Vinyl, VCT & Carpet Tile. DYNAMIC™ with ColorReady™ is an industry-leading Transitional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive designed to meet the need for a multi-functional flooring adhesive. ColorReady™ technology is a visual indicator that helps to easily identify when to install your flooring.
This solvent-free, easy troweling product provides greater flexibility for installations using multiple flooring materials. It can be used to install luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), fiberglass backed sheet and sheet vinyl flooring, VCT and carpet tile.
Product Highlight

New Line of Mapei Products

MAPEI Planiseal MSP

Planiseal MSP

Moisture-Control Membrane, Adhesive Isolator, Sealer, pH Blocker and Primer

• Colored red to help ensure proper coverage

• Water-based formulation for ease of use, cleanup and storage

• Moisture protection up to 15 lbs. (6,80 kg) MVER and 99% RH

• Provides moisture control, adhesive encapsulation and a primer for self-leveling
compounds in one product

More info

MAPEI Planiprep MRS

Planiprep MRS

Moisture-Resistant, High Compressive-Strength Skim Coating Compound

• Easy mixing and smooth application characteristics

• Not affected by high moisture conditions

• Can be placed before HVAC systems or interior finishes are installed

• High compression strength for use in heavy traffic condition

More Info

MAPEI Ultraplan Extreme 2

Ultraplan Extreme 2

Weather-Resistant, High-Compressive-Strength, Self-Leveling Underlayment
Moisture- and freeze/thaw-resistant when cured

• Can be placed before HVAC systems or interior finishes are installed

• High compressive strength for extreme durability during construction

• Reduces subfloor preparation time for floor-covering applications

More Info

MAPEI Ultrabond G15

Ultrabond G15

Ultrabond G15 is a fast-setting, two-part reactive epoxy adhesive with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), designed for the installation of rubber and vinyl flooring in high-moisture conditions.

• Low perm rating

• Fast-setting and easy to apply

• Unaffected by moisture

More info

MAPEI Planiprep SC

Planiprep SC

Planiprep SC is a high-performance, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced cement-based skimcoating and patching compound. Use Planiprep SC to skimcoat and smooth minor surface variations and defects on common substrates.

• Mixes to a smooth, easily applied consistency

• Creamy smooth texture trowels easily to create a defect-free surface.

• Provides a suitable surface for applying floor-covering adhesives over

More Info

MAPEI Ultrabond Spray 360

Ultrabond Spray 360

Ultrabond Spray 360 is an aerosolized, water-based, high-performance acrylic adhesive designed for the installation of solid vinyl tile, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile (VCT) and vinyl plank.

• Excellent bond characteristics

• High moisture resistance for bond durability

• Extended coverage when compared with trowel-applied adhesives

More Info

Ultrabond Eco 810

Ultrabond Eco 810

Ultrabond ECO 810 provides quick drying times and an enhanced, aggressive tack for fast-track vinyl-backed carpet tile installations. Flooring can be installed into Ultrabond ECO 810 in its wet state for permanent bonding.

• Aggressive tack to hold carpet tile and berglass-reinforced vinyl sheet ooring in place during installation and use

• Permanent or releasable installation system applications

• Acrylic-based for superior plasticizer migration resistance

More Info

Aladdin Commercial Carpet

Need a sample? Give us a call. 1-800-974-4215. 

Aladdin Commercial Carpet
Aladdin Commercial Carpet 2
Aladdin Commercial Carpet 3

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Merit Décor Luxury Vinyl Flooring by Lancaster

Available in both Fast Click, Fold-Down Locking System and Dry Back Glue Down.